Halloween Fun Now & Later

At the risk of sounding like your Dad your junior year of high school…you really need to think about the future…of your Halloween costume!

Is it something you’re going to be able to wear beyond the festivities of this week? Hmm? What are you going to do with it Monday morning when it’s time to go to work?

If you’ll pick any of these looks I’ve cooked up from West Town Mall, it’s as if your costume got accepted into college with a promised job the day after graduation. Why? Because they’re all things that can transition seamlessly into your everyday life.

Full disclosure: there are no Slutty Pumpkins in this list (nor are there any Hanging Chads).

 Kate Middleton (Belk)

Grab a coat, a chic hat and a really cute kid, and lady you’re ready to help rule the British empire in a few…maybe several…years. But gosh, won’t this cream coat look just as delicious on you as a commoner?

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Katniss from The Hunger Games (Altar’d State)

The Brave Chic look has never been easier. Grab a simple blue dress, put your hair in a side braid and keep a look on your face like, “I must fight for my family now.”

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Scandal (The Limited)

Who would say no to a Halloween costume that makes you look both sexy and powerful? Totally justify the purchase of this gor-ge-ous jacket by making yourself into one of the Scandal characters. And it’s easily done since this jacket was LITERALLY worn by Olivia Pope on the show. Then take it and wear it to every single meeting you ever have afterwards, and watch as people melt in their chairs the moment you enter the room.

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Hipster Kids (Charlotte Russe)

An easy, comfortable graphic sweatshirt is not only a great costume (since the sweatshirt says it all), but it’s also an easy/comfortable way to relax on the weekend following the Halloween festivities. These are both SUPER soft. Go as a hipster kid that can’t take enough selfies, or like someone who had a really epic weekend…then go have yourself a really epic weekend.

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All of these fabulous looks can be found at West Town Mall!

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