Dillard’s Sale Picks

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All of the above.

Just know, this time of year there’s no “quick stops” into the mall. Every where you go there’s a fantastic sale sign that’s REALLY hard to ignore.

I’m hoping this quick guide will help you know what to look for/pick up at a good sale. Sometimes sales can be overwhelming and you end up in a fog (or as I like to call it – “Sale Drunk“) and you make purchases that you regret when you sober up the next day.

How do you avoid this? You go in knowing two things – what you need and what your total budget is.

You set parameters like – I have to be able to think of how I can immediately wear this with at least 2 outfits. Sometimes I do this…

Visualize your closet and you in it looking for something to wear – is that piece something you see yourself grabbing? Or do you more easily see it going into the “donate” pile in a few months? Sometimes that really helps me decide.

Okay, before I turn this into another post, let’s talk about what you can get at Dillard’s right now. They’re having a fantastic sale, in fact I’ve already purchased the necklace in this picture (except in pink so this black one may still be there).

Let’s dive in…WAIT, before we do – some of these items may be even CHEAPER in store (I know for sure the necklace is because I got it for $5 cheaper than the website lists) so be sure to go in Dillard’s at West Town Mall and see what deal you can get!

Post Work-Out Neem Body Wash – this falls into the category 0f “great gift.” I don’t know that I would use it, but I know people that might and I like to get a head start on Christmas presents, so this bag that was once $50 and is now marked down to $25 is perfect for that stash.

Kate Spade Earrings – WHY DON’T I OWN THESE?! Haha I’m all about stripes and these cuties are PERFECT. Marked down from $48 to $33. They would look so cute with gosh, just a t-shirt!

Pearl Earrings – here’s another tid-bit about sale shopping – buy things you need in advance of the need. If you know you’ve got a big event coming up next year, buy earrings like these which are marked down from $45 to $22 so that you don’t have to panic-buy anything and you have these on hand. Not to mention they’re gorrrgeous.

Hunter Boots – Let me unleash my beef with Target for a second in the form of this conversation…

Target: Hey every body, great news! You can all look like Joanna Gaines in tall black Hunter boots for a fraction of the cost!

Me: YAAAAAYYYY *sets alarm, wakes up at midnight…

Target: Hold please.

Me: *dances to hold music

Target: JOKE PARTY. We’re not making those, ya silly goose!

Me: :-|

Get your own dern tall black Hunter boots at Dillard’s for $96.

Tassel Necklace – The texture and movement of this piece is perfect for maxi dresses this summer. And I really like the addition of the gold sphere, I feel as if it gives it more of a flow.

Dooeny & Burke Backpack – I’m on the hunt for a good neutral backpack – because UH backpacks are awesome. This one is on sale for $103 down from $148. That’s a pretty good discount for such a quality bag.

Fossil Tote – this big-ole-bag would serve a myriad of purposes and is just about $50 off. Down to $103 from $148. Again, if a tote bag is on your list of needs, while one hundred bucks seems like a lot, it’s still less than the original price, and you’re getting real quality.

I hope this helps you stay out of the sale fog and buy things you’re going to use and love!

Oo! One more thing – Clinique at Dillard’s is offering a 4 piece gift set for any purchase over $40!

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