Denim Jackets that Flatter Your Frame

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Delicious denim delights.

The best, most wearable things in your closet are pieces that you feel good in. Also, clothes cover your nakedness. #ObviousStatements

But you know why you feel good in certain items over others? Because more than likely they compliment your shape. Whether you consciously bought it for that purpose, those are the things that will go on repeat giving you the most bang for your buck.

So when it comes to buying something that can be an investment piece – like a jean jacket – it’s important you go into it knowing what elements will compliment your body type and what won’t.

To help with that, I’ve put together a guide for you to reference. Hopefully below you will find your shape and use the tips to get yourself THE perfect jacket (denim or otherwise) this fall*…

Are you petite? Look for short, cropped, fitted styles. The key to dressing for this body type is to not overwhelm your frame. Anything long or bulky is going to make your legs look stumpy (it’s a terrible word, I know, but I’m trying to scare you away from the wrong kind of jacket). Less bulk equals a no-fuss denim jacket without extra pockets, extra lines, extra closures. Go for something that hits right above your waist with clean lines. Here’s a great version!

Looking to hide a tummy? You want to find a jacket that’s long – even going down to your booty butt (toddler speak for bum). Always keep the jacket open and look for one for elongating lines – this one is PERFECT; oh and here’s a dark gray version; also a dark denim one.

Want to appear more…ahem…”well endowed”? Look for a jacket that curves in at the waist giving you more volume up top. And POCKETS. They’re not just great for hiding candy – they make your girlfriends look bigger. Oh. Yeah. Here’s a great option!

Wish to minimize broad shoulders? Do so with a soft, unstructured jacket. The flowier the better as it helps to balance out your frame and draw attention away from your upper half. Think these kinds of jean jackets don’t exist? Think again. And again.

Are you in the business of adding curves to your pencil-like frame? Jackets are the perfect fix – especially fitted, nipped and pocketed jackets because they’re going to give you a waist, some girlfriends and overall curves. Here’s a moto version; here’s a cute peplum style.

Need to downplay your “girlfriends”? Go with as little bulk as possible. This translates to a small lapel, clean lines and little to no pocket-age going on. This is a great example, and gosh would this thing be versatile. Also this because the pockets are small, as is the collar.

I hope these tips help! If you have more questions, or would like more suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below!


*YOU GUYS IT’S ALMOST OFFICIALLY FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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