Wedges and Polish Pairings

wedges, west town mall, nail polish, rack room shoes, sephora nail polish, pedicure ideas, open toe shoes, black wedges, tan wedges, white wedgesA couple months ago, I swore to my husband that this summer I was not going to try and reach around my bulging pregnant belly to paint my toes. I said I was going to get a pedicure every time!

…So far that hasn’t happened. But this I promise you – it will happen! At some point before I have this baby I will find the time to get a pedicure!

Until then, let’s look at these polish and wedge pairings for our feet this summer.

All of these wedges can be found at Rack Room Shoes in West Town Mall. All of the nail polishes are by Nails and can be found at Sephora (which now has a mini shop open in JCPenney!).

I like to go a little bolder on my toes sometimes and this colbalt blue will definitely grab you by the eyeballs. I think these subdued black cut out wedges would be a perfect pairing for something so playful.

No matter what age you are, you can dive right into the lace trend with these cute white lace wedges. They’ve GOT to be comfortable since there’s not one pressure point on your foot. So that’s a plus, and pairing them with a bright coral polish is a plus plus seeing as how your feet will be really on trend. Listen if our feet can’t get with the times, why are we even trying?

Let’s talk easy breezy for a moment. This nude low-wedge sandal looks to me like it’s begging for the nickname, “Old Faithful” as in – I can reach for these any time and they’ll go with whatever I’m wearing while still being wildly comfortable. Lets balance out the look of dependability with a crazy fun polish like emerald green.

I used the word “subdued” earlier to describe that first pair of black cut out wedges, but that word doesn’t belong in the same room as these shoes. That word goes running out of the building the minute these black cut out wedges show up. How wildly fun are these!? And speaking of wild fun, let’s keep it going all night by making your pedicure a shiny silver metallic color. Yow-zah! Pair these two with a simple black dress or another subdued basic so as to keep that spotlight pointed directly at your feet!

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