Tips on How to Plan All Your Christmas Outfits

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Tis the season to be gorgeous, fa la la la la la la la la.

This past Saturday, I carved out some time to try on clothes. While there were several moments when I wondered if I was truly being productive, the fact that I’m now into December and not having to give a second thought to what I’m going to wear to the three big events I have this week says a resounding YES. Yes I WAS being productive.

Your calendar may not be jammed packed with fancy parties, but it may have a friendly get together or two, and to avoid any and all stress it’s really good to pre-plan what you’re going to wear.

I have a small rotation of sequined items that I go through this time of year, but my goal every year is to wear them in a fresh way. Which is also why taking time to play around with what’s in your closet is a good thing – it gives you time to be creative.

Another bonus? It will save you money. I’m trying my darndest not to spend a lot of money on clothes (especially with a baby bump) and the more I can creatively use what’s in my closet the better.

Pull out and play with what you’ve got! And when you get stuck, hop on Pinterest and search for the piece you’re struggling with. Say it’s a sequin pencil skirt you don’t know how to look fresh – then search “Sequin pencil skirt outfit” and look at the results! Keep in mind, you don’t have to directly copy anything you see if you don’t want. But take a look instead at the silhouette that’s going on in the picture. Is the skirt mostly paired with tight tops or big voluminous sweaters? If it is a big sweater, what do you have in your closet that mimics the shape?

This is my thought process as I go through and test each outfit idea. It’s so fun to see and use what you’ve already got. And if you find that you are missing something, no worries! Now you know exactly what you need, or at least have a clearer picture of what holes you need to fill for a fabulous holiday season of outfits!

Oh and if you need any ideas on where to spend your clothing cash, here are some fabulous outfit ideas from White House Black Market and Banana Republic in West Town Mall. Also, be sure to listen as I go through each piece and give alternate styling ideas…

More tips on getting dressed this Christmas season!

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