This Drugstore Product Will Change Your Nightly Routine

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Four minutes is a littler longer than I would have liked for a product review video. BUT the good news is, I cut right to the chase.

The rest is fluff that will make you laugh, refresh your soul and get the wash done – no big deal. Skip it if you’re anti peace and happiness.

The quality of the video isn’t where I would like it to be (#obvs). It was more a matter of – Elizabeth, put away your excuses and film something already. So I’ll work on that. Just hang in there. If it’s quality you’re looking for – watch my video on accessorizing. It was made before I had a child. You know, back when free time was abundant.

I hope you enjoy! Be sure to check out the other two videos on my channel (such a go-getter, I am) and be sure to send it to 100,000 of your closest friends and family :)

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