Summer Would be Cuter if it Were Fall




This summer, much like my dog, took off quick and had me running the whole time.

It started with both my sister-in-law and sister getting married, then there was the little thing of revamping this website that happened in June, and since then it’s been a sprint to right about now. So far I’ve visited the pool once this summer, past Elizabeth of any age would be very disappointed with that.

Something else that kind of changed this summer is my roll as Style Setter. If you remember, I was writing for another style blog there for a while. This past May that blog gig kind of ended, but out of that a new (more fantastical) position has sprung up!

I am now the Style Consultant for West Town Mall (a Simon Mall), which means I’ll still be bringing you great things from all of the awesome stores they have there, but I’ll be doing it all on my own blog. There is more fun stuff to come with this position, so stay tuned!

All of that to say, I’m taking some much needed time off! But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten you!

This week please enjoy my favorite posts from the past three months. I’ll share my favorite video, my favorite beauty purchase of 2014 (thus far), and a great place to get a fancy dress in a pinch.

I hope The Spiff has helped you to have your best dressed summer yet. If not, you obviously didn’t read enough ;) and there’s still fall!! Fall is such a fun season clothing-wise so squeeze out all you can of summer this week and the next, but from then on it’s layering, pumpkins, boots, scarves and coziness baby!

Have a happy Monday!



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