Ways to Wear Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall

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*She writes as she sips her pumpkin coffee.

If you’re a pumpkin hater – get out. Actually, don’t because this post has summer stuff in it too.

Just so you know where I stand (if the pumpkin flavored coffee didn’t give it away) I’ve squealed to myself hundreds of times already because it’s cool outside and pumpkins are everywhere. Hundreds of times.

There are a few things in my closet that I’m going to miss reaching for (even if it is for a hot minute because now TIGHTS AND BOOTS ARE IN PLAY – WOOOO HOOOOO). So I’ve pulled pieces from Fiore Boutique in West Town Mall that will not only help you look on trend for fall, but they’ll also help get you more use out of your summer clothes.

Go check them out in the Charming Charlie entrance of West Town Mall!

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