Style Goals for 2016

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If you’re going to set any goals this year, let them be style goals – they’re the most exciting and don’t involve skipping doughnuts.

By taking a step back and looking at your closet/clothing needs as a whole, you can shop better, get dressed in something you love more easily and generally be happier with your look throughout the year.

Last year my goals were to buy things I love in multiples, get through pregnancy without having any emotional “I don’t have anything to wear” breakdowns, quit buying junk clothes just because they’re on sale, and stop buying gray.

I accomplished all of those things except one. I bought more gray.

This year my goals revolve around a baby! And let me point out, that just because he’ll start to be on the move this year, doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice my style.

All of my goals are tailored to help me get out the door faster and be more versatile so I can still feel good about myself while caring for him. Because if Momma ain’t looking cute, ain’t nobody looking cute.

Here are the goals I plan to structure my shopping and closet cleaning around…

  • Buy more tunics and dresses – things I can throw on, style and walk out the door wearing with ease.
  • Pair down my closet to only pieces I would actually put on my body. I’m so tired of sifting through stuff I don’t wear in my closet and I want to see more space.
  • Have more casual, washable, well-made pieces on hand that I can wear and be comfortable in then dress up at a moments notice if I need to. Nailing the “athlesiure” trend is my top priority this year so I can be comfortable AND gorgeous especially since spit up and poop have entered my world.

I’m carrying over last years goals as well, because I’m so tired of junk pieces that don’t wash well and look cheap. And I definitely need to keep in the habit of buying multiples!

Now it’s your turn. What style goals do you want to set for yourself this year?

Once you set them, save them on the notepad in your phone so the next time you go to buy something you can make sure it fits into your style goals!

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Shopping My Closet

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