Add a Little Sparkle

Do not spend one minute of your December stressing over what to wear to a Christmas event.

And yes I typed that sentence out for me just as much as you. There’s enough going on this time of year, there’s no reason we should add more stress to our lives. Especially when all we have to do is add a great necklace!

When it comes to putting together a gorgeous/festive outfit, one of the easiest (and cheapest) routes to go is buying a statement necklace.

Not only will it jazz up what you’ve already got in your closet (saving you some money), but it will also add just enough sparkle and will totally last you past the Christmas holidays (sometimes those sparkly sweaters get neglected once January rolls around).

Here are four necklaces from The Limited (at West Town Mall) that will add some major bling to your basics…

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Have an all black ensemble planned? Then add these red gems for a strong dose of Christmas without being overdone.

The double strands of diamonds would add a gorgeous sparkle to a rose pink sweater or they would dress up a crisp white button up with a blazer and jeans. Or put them all together and wear the necklace over the top of them both!

This tiered gem necklace (in the middle) is a beautifully structured piece. Give it center stage by pairing it with an open neckline. Or give it a cozy back drop and pair it with a slim gray sweater – one that you would have never thought would work at a Christmas party, now totally can!

Allow me to make the word “convertible” even more appealing…this last piece is a convertible mixed media necklace. Which means the longer strands you see can be unattached and worn alone. In fact you can pair the necklace down again and remove some pearls there in the middle. OR you can keep the party going strong and wear it all together with a long waterfall sweater and a metallic tank if you want to go the real YOW-ZAAAA route.

*Note: In an effort to save my sanity and clear off some space on my plate, I’ll be taking Wednesdays off from the blog for the next couple of weeks. Good news is this will allow you to enjoy Tuesday’s post even longer, and get you hungrier for Thursday’s freshness.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a very Merry Christmas season!

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