Spring Style Plan

spring, spring trees, knoxville blooms, knoxville in the spring

the limited, gap chinos, american eagle outfitters, white jeans, spring outfit inspiration, gold jewelry, knoxville fashion blogger, west town mall, spring scarf, nike shoes, spring sandals, graphic tee, chambray shirt, gap, charming charlieWell, hello there, Spring.

I’m going to let the bright blooming white trees, the faint smell of honeysuckle I caught the other day, and the 72-degree weather distract me from the fact I’ll have to start shaving regularly again, painting my toenails and strategizing about my white, white legs.

Planning my spring wardrobe and the patch of tulips I passed on my walk last Friday, also help lessen the sting of winter being through (I just love it and it’s snowy bug-free self).

In keeping with my style goals for this year, my spring wardrobe leans heavily towards the comfortable.

In fact, my plan revolves around creating as many outfits with my new black and white Nike’s as possible. Torn white jeans and olive green girlfriend chino’s from GAP will certainly help with that. As will easy chambray shirts, camp shirts and a great graphic tee (and yes, I do love my town, thanks for helping me declare it, American Eagle).

What will quickly help to elevate the whole look is some great jewelry. Gold, of course, because even if I don’t end up using self-tanner it will make me feel like I have a glow. The turquoise earrings from The Limited will add the dose of color I need in this sea of neutrals I’ve created. Which, by the way is something else I want to experiment with this spring/summer – color. I tried on a neon green and blue necklace with my army green jacket the other day and the combination was refreshingly cohesive.

I’m hoping this cooler spring weather sticks around for a bit, because my favorite thing about this season is mixing warm weather items with my lighter colored winter-wear. Plus I need an excuse to wear that floral scarf from Banana Republic.

Pick up any of these great spring-in-your-step-inducing items at West Town Mall!

  1. Ann Taylor Camp Shirt
  2. Charlotte Russe Sandals
  3. American Eagle Graphic Tee
  4. GAP Chambray Shirt
  5. American Eagle White Jeans
  6. Belk Nike Shoes
  7. GAP Chinos
  8. Forever21 Necklace
  9. The Limited Earrings
  10. Charming Charlie Bracelet
  11. Forever21 Earrings
  12. Banana Republic Scarf

Tell me about your spring style plan!

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  1. I’m totally with you on the lack of enthusiasm for shaving my legs much less dealing with their paleness. Boots and tights make me happy. I love your spring wardrobe style plan and thank you for adding your post to my Powers the Flower link-up. I hope you’ll become a regular contributor.


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