Report Card – How I Did with 2016 Style Goals

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It may take me years to hit my reading goals and other more adult-like aspirations, but I’m all over it when it comes to making and keeping style goals.

I had a little dance party when I looked back at my 2016 style goals to see if I met them. Because *spoiler alert* I did!

Here’s what they were…

Here are the goals I plan to structure my shopping and closet cleaning around…

  • Buy more tunics and dresses – things I can throw on, style and walk out the door wearing with ease.
  • Pair down my closet to only pieces I would actually put on my body. I’m so tired of sifting through stuff I don’t wear in my closet and I want to see more space.
  • Have more casual, washable, well-made pieces on hand that I can wear and be comfortable in then dress up at a moments notice if I need to. Nailing the “athlesiure” trend is my top priority this year so I can be comfortable AND gorgeous especially since spit up and poop have entered my world.

I’m carrying over last years goals as well, because I’m so tired of junk pieces that don’t wash well and look cheap. And I definitely need to keep in the habit of buying multiples!

(Read the full post here).

I’m so happy with my casual “athleisure” collection right now and my tunic game is ON POINT.

And while there are still some pieces in my closet that need to get the ax, for the most part I’ve kept up with riding my collection of things I don’t wear. And the feeling is fantastic.

Now to set and meet my style goals for 2017!

You can be doing the same happy dance next year! Come back on Monday and we’ll set some spiffy style goals together :)

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