Perfect Nails for a Spring Winter Mash up (Spinter!)

I’m writing this in the worst possible position.
I’m in front of a window, watching it snow.

I can’t even type with my eyes on the screen long enough to see a sentence through…it’s so pretty!! (AND fluffy!!)

Usually by now I’m pretending the leaves that fall off the dogwoods are snow, but this year I get the real thing well into March. Merry Christmas to me :)

*Snow watch break*

Ok I’m back.
Right now I’m loving the juxtaposition of spring and winter. I also love using that word, but it’s a long one so let me explain. It’s cold and overcast out most days here recently, but layer over the the colors of spring and those brights pop out even more!

This weeks nails are a great example of that.

I was loving last weeks bright yellow so much that I decided to keep the bright turned on and switch to a very happy orange.

It’s OPI’s “A Roll in The Hague” from the Dutch collection. I bought it last year when I was craving a particular orange and I’m so happy I did. It’s the perfect bright pop with any outfit. My army green Forever21 jacket-POP orange! My pink silk Banana Republic top-POP orange!

I especially love pairing it with my leopard ring because to me this color becomes even fresher (is that possible?) when paired with a classic like leopard.

What’s especially fun is when I’m all mitten-ed up with bright orange nails peeping out of my winter accessories.

I’m digging this winter/spring mash up, what other seasons can we combine!? (I take that back…let’s keep winter leaving late and fall arriving early, shall we?)

*Snow watch break*

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