Maternity Fashion – For the Beginning Bump

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Dressing around a growing bump doesn’t have to be frustrating in the least bit. I never once had a moment of panic and/or annoyance that I had nothing to wear (and I only purchased 7 maternity pieces). All it takes is some careful planning and creativity.

I’m hear to offer help with both…

No matter how fast or slow you show, you’ll go through that transition period of looking kiiinda pregnant. These tips are for when you’re barely showing and I’ll cover a full on baby belly in another post.

Elastic Waist Bands

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This is me at 20 weeks. I had just enough of a pooch poking out that it was starting to get uncomfortable in jeans. This skirt helped because it could sit below my pooch and be comfortable.

Whether it be a skirt or pants, elastic waist bands help you to wear non-maternity items throughout your pregnancy. Do keep in mind that they’ll sit lower as your belly grows, so make sure they’re not so long that you have to wear them with heels later on if you don’t want to.

Empire Waists

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One thing you’re going to have to give up for a little while are dresses with regular waist lines. They’re going to cut you right where you’re starting to show, so be sure to pick up either shift dresses with no waist, or dresses with an empire waist.

This was my Easter dress at which point I was 22 weeks and the waist line was just perfectly comfortable. I’ve even tried this dress on a couple weeks ago when I was around 34 weeks and it still works (psst: it’s not maternity).

The empire waist is perfect because it will define the line between your growing boobs and belly. Keeping that line defined is going to be your numero uno goal throughout this whole process because that’s going to help you look slimmer overall. If you ever put on something where the three become one, you’re going to look like one giant blob, or at the very least a lot more pregnant than one could ever physically be.

Always look to carve out a waistline.

Piko Tops

piko top, ootd, fashion blogger, boyfriend jeans, maternity style, pregnant, pregnancy outfit

Piko tops are going to help disguise your belly now AND later after you’ve given birth. Their loose fit is perfect for both phases.

Here I am on Mother’s Day at 27 weeks. I have now transitioned to maternity jeans (these are from Motherhood) and these loose fitting (non-maternity) tops have been perfect for all the stages leading up to full on belly. If you’ll pick them up in several different colors, you can change up the look of them by adding different statement necklaces (I’ve got a gold one on but you can’t see it) or scarves if the weather is cooler.

Piko tops come in long sleeve, quarter sleeve and tunic form, so stock up because you will get so much use out of them!

When you wear a top like this, though, make sure that your pants don’t have a lot of volume since these tops do. You don’t want to add volume on top of volume when wearing these.

If you’ll get your Piko tops from this link and enter “thespiff” at checkout, you’ll get 10% off!

Check back in the coming days to see my maternity fashion plan for as my belly got bigger!

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