Purple is the perfect color. It just is.

If you want to debate me on that, I’ll just throw down the fact that it’s the color of royalty. Boom. Where do you go from there? Nowhere because I won that round.

Pastels have edged out the bright neon colors this spring, and while pastels aren’t my favorite shades I will take pretty much any shade of purple on any given day. That’s why I’ve been loving this shade of lilac.

opi lilac

In fact, this weeks nail color inspired me to purchase some earrings in the same shade. These are from BlueTique, that great little clothing shop in Market Square. And the nail polish is OPI’s “Don’t You Lilac It?”


The juxtaposition of the soft shade with an edgy black makes me fall in love with both colors all over again. So soft, so playful, so perfect. I really do love purple.

Don’t you lilac it, too?

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