I Hope You Didn’t Get Your Dad These Pants



track pants

The technical name for them is “track pants,” but I like to call them, “the most comfortable thing I’ll slip my legs into all summer.”

With a fun pattern and a silky texture, these pants are exactly what you’ve been looking to add to your summer-wear.

Most of the time they have an elastic waist, making them the perfect “eatin’ pants” for meals where you plan to throw down a lot (I don’t know about you, but I really needed a pair of eating pants that look as sophisticated as these do).

The only downfall to these pants is that they can be tricky to style. With the wrong kind of styling it can look like you forgot to put your real pants on when you woke up this morning (am I dancing here, or am I yawning?)

Heels help these pants look less slouchy and more out-in-public appropriate. And while most of the time in styling, it’s best to pair opposites together (i.e.: slouchy pants, structured top) these pants can handle a little less balance. So a slouchy top like this blue blouse from Forever21 (back in the day) works with the pants because it’s made out of dressier fabric.

If I were to wear these with a white t-shirt, I would probably tuck the front of it into the waist so that my outfit wouldn’t translate, “slouch bucket.”

A long dangly necklace is fun because it adds to the boho feel. I nabbed these at JCP, by the way, so if you want to go get your own try them with these styling tips and you’ll be looking so fly (and feeling so comfortable).

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