How to Shop Effectively

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I know I say this every time the seasons change, but FOLKS this time I mean it. What on earth did I wear last fall!?!

I feel like I’ve been scraping by so far with outfits but that long term I’m really going to need to revamp the closet. And while I’ve been shopping several times, I’ve yet to bring anything home with me.

That’s where a handy dandy list comes into play.

These past couple of weeks I’ve reached for the same patterned sweater. I made note of that and have decided to look for some more.

I tend to stock up on cardigans and jackets so I need to make sure I’ve balanced that out with things to wear under the sweaters and jackets (or prepare myself for indecent exposure ;)

After years of drooling over them, I finally own a pair of leather tights. I’m going to need some tunics and longer shirts to pair with them (maybe I’ll wear them like pants…we’ll see).

This is something I compile while I’m getting dressed and realize I would like a certain something to reach for, when I’m looking through Instagram and see something I like, and when I’m scanning magazines and want to mimic a certain look.

Later on it will give me direction while shopping and I will more likely walk away with exactly what I need. You can easily do it too!

So what’s on your list for this fall?

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  1. Last summer I decided I only like sleeveless shirts or shirts that completely cover my biceps because I HATE the way my arms look when a shirt sleeve cuts in the middle of my biceps. Therefore, I have PLENTY of things to wear under my myriad of cardigans this fall! I have a TON of solid color tanks, which by the way, are on clearance everywhere because summer is over!

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