How to Generate Creative Costume Ideas

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Crapper’s full, so copper boom ya withchay woman since you have the need, the need for speed.

Also a part of that group, but not pictured is my 2013 costume of Jessica Day!

I love getting to be creative with these things and think outside the box. Obviously I didn’t go too far out of the box for myself, as all my characters are my favorite brunettes from TV and movies (Julia Louise Dreyfus has to be my all time favorite actress).

But for Jackson, I enjoyed thinking outside the baby box.

His cousin Eddie costume was decided super last minute and was really easy to create thanks to Amazon. I just hope every year I get to have some kind of say in what he wears. There may have to be lots and lots of candy involved.

My biggest pieces of advice are this…

Don’t over complicate it. Sometimes you can get inside your own head and talk yourself out of ideas that would actually be really cute. Especially if you’re dressing your kids – they’re going to look cute in whatever, so just have fun!

If you’re super stuck, base the outfit around something they love. Jackson currently loves carrying things around. So this year’s costume has something he can carry and he’s wearing something he’s comfortable in and won’t fuss with.

For yourself? Dress up in something you’re comfortable in! Last year when I dressed up as the neighbor from Christmas Vacation (in a literal sweat suit) I was mostly comfortable and also I probably lost 10 pounds in sweat after standing outside in it. So another note: think about your surroundings so you don’t pass out.

Have fun! And if you’re in/around Knoxville on the 31st, come to the Redemption Church fall festival!

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