The other day someone told me they wish they could be a blogger.

Immediately what flashed through my mind was like a movie montage of my blogging journey – typing through blurred eyes late into the night, literally rolling over onto my office floor out of frustration, collapsing on my keyboard while the blank white page of WordPress menacingly glowed (it’s possible).

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Like anything in life there are risks and rewards that come with running a blog.

I can still remember the first time someone ever told me they read my blog and it helped them tremendously…the woman was standing in an elevator with me and as soon as she said it, my eyes filled up with tears. <–That’s probably the scene that needs to go at the end of the montage I mentioned above.

What I try to keep in mind on weeks like this one when I’m feeling drained, is that without a doubt this is something God has woven into my fabric. It’s something He’s called me to do. So to keep on chugging I’m going to take a bit of a break. Just today and tomorrow.

I’m going to plug myself into the wall and recharge because right now my battery is flashing that there’s only 10% left (thank God it’s a metaphor and that I won’t actually shut down in a second). I’m thankful for encouraging blogs like this one, that help me take the pressure off myself for a bit. I know on Monday I’ll come back with a wave of fresh fashion inspiration.

Just wait for it. And remember to recharge yourself!

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