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This December I’m playing a game. It’s tentatively called, “Stop Spending Money on Yourself” but it’s a working title. And the rules, as it turns out, are very fluid…especially when I walk into the mall.

I have challenged myself to spend as little as possible on clothing for the season and so far I am winning. So I want to share with you my tips and tricks for how to make what’s in your closet go far. If we can do it this time of year when there seems to be a party at every turn, WE CAN DO ANYTHING.

First, let’s start by creating a, “Christmas capsule wardrobe.” This will involve every piece in your closet that’s red, green, sparkly, shimmery, velvety or all of the above (#jk, if it’s “all of the above” we’ve got bigger issues to work on). Anything that you pull from for a fancy night out – even if it’s in the summer.

Now look at each piece individually and think of how you wore it last and then…forget about that. We want to mix it up!

What top can you tuck into a pencil skirt? What shimmery tank can be worn under an open chunky sweater with jeans (notice I didn’t say blazer because we’re doing things differently!)? Or which jacket in your closet can be thrown over that sequin dress? Start thinking outside the box!

This combo I have on in the picture is something I’ve never worn together, but I’ve owned both pieces for years. How did I get around to it? I have a list of pieces in my closet that I pull out this time of year and I do exactly what I’m telling you to do – I look at them differently and play with them all until I produce a fresh look.

If you get stuck? Enter the item into Pinterest then follow it with “outfit.” So maybe your sequin sweater has you stuck. Type in, “Sequin Sweater Outfit.” You may not mimic anything exactly as you see it, but you may be struck with inspiration from the silhouette of an outfit (mostly likely from a girl whose thighs don’t touch).

What I didn’t say in the opening up there, is this is a game I play every year. I reserve sequin wearing for pretty much December only and I reserve sequin buying for any month other than December (because that’s when you get it on sale). So I’ve got plenty of outfit inspiration to go around. Look here, and here, oh and here. Also…here for how to remix a little black sequin dress.

PS: I bought this shirt at Walmart. Yep. Thank you Miley Cyrus clothing line from 2012! (Here’s a similar one) And the skirt came from The Limited, which is open online again?! Here’s a similar skirt.

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