Fall Favorites

Walking around the mall in search of some writing inspiration yesterday afternoon, I was struck with the thought that cooler weather brings out so many more clothing subjects than summer does.

In the summer it’s mostly all about skin care products because our skin is what we’re showing more of. But in the fall, it’s all about a collaboration of clothes and how we get to pile them on.
This week I talked about two things that are quintessential pieces to fall: boots and scarves.
Here I detailed great boot finds throughout the mall, at a price/height range from low to high. Boots are such comfortable/cozy shoes to wear, and if you need reasons to buy them just click on that link and let my giddyness wash over you.
Scarves have made it big this year all throughout the summer months. Now it’s time to wear them for real and there are so many great ways to do so. Check out three new ways (and one that is office appropriate) here on this weeks segment.



And remember, that even if fall isn’t your favorite season, you can always click on over to The Spiff.com in hopes that my love for the season will rub off on you.
Happy October Everybody! Hope you’re weekend is filled with mornings like this…

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