Clothes You Can Run Errands In

It turns out I’m not the only one who likes to run errands in workout clothes.

Apparently it’s becoming quite the phenomenon. So much so that it’s been given a name – “athleisure.” You could refer it as “lesisletic” if you’d like. I won’t stop you.

There are talks of several designers coming out with lines dedicated fully to this balance of comfort and function, but until that happens (and while we all build up our bank accounts) let’s talk about how you can accomplish the look with what’s in a store (or closet) nearest you.


The key to pulling off this look is to walk the line between “couch potato” and “Crossfit.” If you sway too far in either direction (i.e.: tennis skirt, pajama pants) you’re doing it wrong.
First off, you have to make sure you’ve got nice tennis shoes. Do not do flip flops, do not do Converse or Toms. Only clean tennis shoes will do.

Next up: pants. Old Navy has a great selection of workout pants that are both comfortable and flattering. Look on the tag to make sure the kind you’re getting are “compression pants.” Compression pants are great in that they smooth out your legs and keep you from jiggling (that’s the best way I can think of to explain it). Even if you’re not comfortable with wearing form fitting work out pants, buy them to wear in lieu of tights and just make sure whenever you wear them, you’ve got on a top that covers your butt. This orange tunic, for example, would look great with runner pants and tennis shoes. It’s from

Another combination that would work, are these relaxed fit terry pants from Old Navy. Pair them with an active bubble tank (like the purple one pictured also from Old Navy) and a hoodie (I found this gray one on Stein

I really feel that this is a look anyone can pull off.
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