A Fun Fashion Show

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It’s no wonder October is my favorite – it always kicks off with a fashion show!

Every year West Town Mall partners with Susan G. Komen to do a fashion show that features survivors of breast cancer. It’s a great way to celebrate the victory in these women’s lives and an especially fun way to get some fall fashion inspiration!

Over on Fox43 I’ll be talking about boots and booties, so I wanted to feature some looks from the show that also showcased some of the beautiful boots West Town Mall retails have to offer.

Pick up any of the pieces you see below at West Town Mall!

This sweet lady on the left has been in the fashion show as long as I’ve been emceeing it! She walked tonight with her daughter (pictured) and they are showcasing looks from Chico’s – who has the greatest collection of leopard EVERYTHING right now. I’m totally in for that!

I like how her daughter is showing off a monochromatic look with the brown boots, it helps make your legs look miles long!

chicos, west town mall chicos, west town mall fashion show, knoxville fashion, knoxville fashion blogger

This girl got her boots from Dillard’s and I almost dropped everything to run to the other end of the mall (in heels no less) to pick up a pair myself, they’re so cute! Her outfit is from Francesca’s (I mean – that jacket!!).

This is a great example of how to wear knee high boots and a short-ish skirt without looking unprofessional or inappropriate. She not only looks appropriate, she looks awesome! And that rose colored jacket would go so far in a closet full of florals and neutrals.

francescas, francescas in west town mall, knoxville fashion show, knoxville fashion, west town mall fashion show,


How about these pretty girls!

They are showing off looks from Land’s End located inside Sears. Don’t you love how little girls can pull off so much more than big girls can? (And when I say “love” I mean… “aren’t you slightly jealous?” Cause I am!) These girls are rocking the multi-faceted pink look with neutral booties that just look good. And remember, when the booties are ankle length or higher you can tuck your pants in – otherwise roll them a bit so you’re showing some skin.

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This look from Buckle is one to copy.

I’m all about a good vest, and this one with the woolly texture is not only cozy, but adds great visual interest to the whole thing! And if you can’t decide on a gray boot or a brown one, this shoe (a little less gray in person) falls more in the taupe category which is the perfect compromise.

buckle, buckle in west town mall, west town mall fashion show, knoxville fashion, knoxville fashion blogger

Check out the segment from Living East Tennessee from last week where we got to talk about the fashion show and showcase some more beautiful fall looks!

Want some more fall inspiration? Oh sister, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Perfect Transitional Top

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modern maven shop, modern maven, knoxville fashion blog, mom blog, knoxville mom blog, boutique shopping, scalloped top outfit, scalloped top, ootd, transitional ootd, elizabeth ogle
Say hi to my dog in the background!

Scallop your way into autumn.

Let’s get right down to it – IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!

Truly, this minute right here is my favorite. Fall has begun and we’re on the cusp of all the fun holidays. There is so much to look forward to and in addition to all of that, I’ve got this fabulous top to show you from a great boutique! I mean, the only way to send this over the edge is if I could pop out of your screen and hand you a calorie-free cupcake!

Since it’s going to take the weather a second to realize its supposed to be JACKET SEASON, HELLO! I think this sleeveless burgundy top is the perfect thing to wear right now.

The details are what really make it special – scalloped edges and the laser cut hem give it personality without being too loud. Making it perfect to pair with jeans or black pants and some patterned flats. A comfortable, stylish outfit I (literally) ran around all day in.

I’m such a huge fan of how scallops look against bare skin so while I originally planned to wear this under a blazer (and will probably do so later) I did want that detail to have its moment.

Another detail I’m a big fan of is how high the neckline sits. Its not uncomfortably high, but for a mother who is constantly bending down to talk to a toddler – its not uncomfortably low either. In fact I toyed with doing a necklace because it has that great spacing but I opted for giant earrings instead. Its nice though to have options for later use!

This top was sent to me by a boutique that is quickly becoming my favorite. They have pieces you dont typically see in the boutique carousel and offer them at really fair prices. Which is so refreshing. I get tired of seeing something I like only to realize its over $100.

Im also a huge fan of their accessories! Beautifully sculpted earrings haven’t seen everywhere giving me some fresh, unique picks. Can you tell I like to be original? Haha As someone who shops A LOT Im always excited to come across new options – so Im excited about Modern Maven!

Go check them out!

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Let’s Just Dance Because it’s FALL!

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All the feels for this wonderful season.

Every year I go to write a post about how excited I am about fall and every. single. year. without fail, I blank out because I’m SO EXCITED. All the words come rushing to the front of my head at once and no one can get through the door.

Cozy, cool weather, boots, scarves, happiness, orange, leaves, pumpkins, hot drinks, cloudy days, boots (oh I’ve said that already) all of those visuals are piled up in the front trying to get out in the most eloquent way and it never works out the way I want it to.

That’s why you’ll probably see a lot of all caps because I’m SO EXCITED. I wouldn’t be a true blogger if I wasn’t excited about this season, right? ;)

For my TV segment this week, honestly I wanted to just throw a big IT’S FALL party, but since I wanted to bring you actual tips and good content I went with showcasing little ways to up your game and keep yourself looking on trend this season.

To do that I visited a couple stores, even dipping into the home category because: PUMPKINS!!

Here are some of the major trends I saw coming down the runway for fall. PLEASE remember to wear trends responsibly – as in – don’t wear them because they’re trendy, wear them because you love them and they work with your style. I want you to love how you look (I guarantee it! Ha ;) and not be sulking around in something just because it’s “in style.”


A couple different things fall into this category, first of all the pumpkins! Mix texture into your decor with a fun mix of pumpkins. All the one’s you see here are from Pottery Barn in West Town Mall. Go get them quick because they’ll be moving in Christmas stuff soon, so you don’t want to miss out!

Another place you can add texture is with layers…

Fiore Boutique has some cozy pieces that have that furry texture to them. That’s not only going to keep you warm (and feeling like you never left your bed) but it’s also going to add a great visual interest to your outfit. Especially when paired with neutral colors. Truly, you could go for a monochromatic look and pair that blush pink sweater on the end with another blush pink piece and still look good because of the mix of textures.


Plaid, floral and (THANKFULLY) animal print are great options for fall. I’m excited about the animal print part because I wear it anyway and when something I already wear is “on trend” it means there are going to be endless options for that piece. Example: I went looking for a leopard jacket the other day, while wearing a leopard jacket. Soooo…it’s feeding my addiction! Perfect.

The darker colored florals are going to help you transition into the cooler months and those kimonos you see up there came from Charming Charlie. Who, by the way, has a new size section called CC Curve! Go check that out! They have a lot of great options!

And if you’re ever iffy about a trend but think you’d might like to try it, a great way to go is with a clutch or a scarf. Like the pieces I have on the table. They are small additions to an outfit, but still let you test drive something and see how often you reach for it before fully committing to a piece that will hang in your closet.

I hope you enjoyed this and are as pee-in-your-pants excited about fall as I am :)

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Denim Jackets that Flatter Your Frame

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Delicious denim delights.

The best, most wearable things in your closet are pieces that you feel good in. Also, clothes cover your nakedness. #ObviousStatements

But you know why you feel good in certain items over others? Because more than likely they compliment your shape. Whether you consciously bought it for that purpose, those are the things that will go on repeat giving you the most bang for your buck.

So when it comes to buying something that can be an investment piece – like a jean jacket – it’s important you go into it knowing what elements will compliment your body type and what won’t.

To help with that, I’ve put together a guide for you to reference. Hopefully below you will find your shape and use the tips to get yourself THE perfect jacket (denim or otherwise) this fall*…

Are you petite? Look for short, cropped, fitted styles. The key to dressing for this body type is to not overwhelm your frame. Anything long or bulky is going to make your legs look stumpy (it’s a terrible word, I know, but I’m trying to scare you away from the wrong kind of jacket). Less bulk equals a no-fuss denim jacket without extra pockets, extra lines, extra closures. Go for something that hits right above your waist with clean lines. Here’s a great version!

Looking to hide a tummy? You want to find a jacket that’s long – even going down to your booty butt (toddler speak for bum). Always keep the jacket open and look for one for elongating lines – this one is PERFECT; oh and here’s a dark gray version; also a dark denim one.

Want to appear more…ahem…”well endowed”? Look for a jacket that curves in at the waist giving you more volume up top. And POCKETS. They’re not just great for hiding candy – they make your girlfriends look bigger. Oh. Yeah. Here’s a great option!

Wish to minimize broad shoulders? Do so with a soft, unstructured jacket. The flowier the better as it helps to balance out your frame and draw attention away from your upper half. Think these kinds of jean jackets don’t exist? Think again. And again.

Are you in the business of adding curves to your pencil-like frame? Jackets are the perfect fix – especially fitted, nipped and pocketed jackets because they’re going to give you a waist, some girlfriends and overall curves. Here’s a moto version; here’s a cute peplum style.

Need to downplay your “girlfriends”? Go with as little bulk as possible. This translates to a small lapel, clean lines and little to no pocket-age going on. This is a great example, and gosh would this thing be versatile. Also this because the pockets are small, as is the collar.

I hope these tips help! If you have more questions, or would like more suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below!


*YOU GUYS IT’S ALMOST OFFICIALLY FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tips for Eliminating the Frustration of Nothing to Wear

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Step away from the pile of dis-guarded clothes.

It’s a special kind of panic that washes over you the minute you realize you’re running super late and you’re still not happy with anything you’ve got in your closet.

I don’t know about you, but in that moment there is no way you could get me out the door in anything I’m not happy in just to be less late. I’m buckling down till I find something. The problem is, I’m so wrapped up in panic and frustration I can’t even think straight.

This scenario used to happen frequently for me – to the point where I would miss whole events because I couldn’t decide what to wear. But it hasn’t happened in a long, long time. Why? Because I came up with some tips to save myself from this highly frustrating situation…

Plan ahead.

Take some time to plan your outfits for the week. And maybe it’s not every.single.day, but at least think about any events you have coming up, and plan out what you’re going to wear. It can be as simple as when you’re getting dressed in the morning – thumb through your closet and look at pieces putting outfits together in your head for your next night out.

Walk away.

Some nights I’ll buckle down and plan/try on outfits for several events just to get it all knocked out. While doing this, if nothing seems to work and I’ve tried on tons of options, I’ll step away. Do something else for a while to get my mind off of it. Then I’ll ease myself back into the process by scrolling through Pinterest, then going back into my closet and picking up everything I pulled out and hanging it up.

I think that’s a big factor – you start to get frustrated and you pull everything out so it’s a disheveled mess. It’s hard to think in that environment and it’s hard to see your clothes full potential when they’re crumpled on the floor.

Step away, get reinspired, clean it up and…wha-la a great outfit is born. Works every time.

Don’t question what you’ve planned.

Every once in a while, I’ll question what I’ve put together and start to change it, tweak it or start over. But you know what I’ve learned? ONE HUNDRED percent of the time I go back to the original outfit.

Don’t question what you’ve planned. You really can’t trust early morning/overthinking you. Trust past you to have made the right outfit choice. *she whispers to herself.

Have a back up.

I always have a “last resort” outfit. This is an outfit that I’ve put together for the occasion that I’m not excited about, but it would work. It serves as a looming punishment if I don’t get myself together and start making some decisions on what I’m going to wear.

“Elizabeth, if you don’t figure it out in 15 minutes, you’re going to have to wear the over sized sweatshirt and shorts to the party.”

Okay, it’s not that much of a punishment. It IS great to have something on hand to throw on in the event you can’t find anything.

If you put these tips into action, I promise you’ll have fewer moments of “AH I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!”

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