This post took a lot out of me, so I really hope you appreciate it.

I hate popping pimples, I hate watching it, talking about it, even typing it out is making me thankful I don’t have anything in my stomach.

However, if you are not like this and happen to enjoy it (weirdo!) then here’s a tip to help the consequences of your actions be less severe…

If you’re about to go out and you’ve popped a pimple (*shutters) and you’ve got that wet exposed skin that just won’t not show up on your face (told you so!) then a good way to cover that skin is to get a Q tip dab it in powder foundation and touch up the spot.

This is a tip I got from a makeup professional so it’s sure to work. I wouldn’t know because I don’t engage in the dispicable act (unless my husband ties me down, because he’s one of THOSE people, gross!!).

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