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If you’ve been looking to dip your toe in the waters of the beauty product pool, you’re in luck. In fact, if you want to dip all ten of your toes, each in a different pool of water but all having to do with beauty products you can do that as well.

That’s because there is a fast growing phenomenon called “beauty box subscriptions.” And there are tons of them.

The process is similar…you fill out a beauty profile, pay a monthly fee and every month you get a box of goodies sent to your front door. If you’re like me and really enjoy getting gifts in the mail, this is perfect because it’s like you’re getting a gift in the mail every month. But instead of it being from a secret admirer or your Aunt in Jersey, it’s from you to you. You paid for it (unless someone literally did buy it for you as a gift, in which case – aren’t you so special).

There are lots and lots of options out there, so I did some research and pulled together a short list of the most popular. I did limit myself to beauty boxes only. There are ALL KINDS of subscription boxes these days, but right now I only have time to give you the scoop on beauty product options. So here it goes…

beauty boxes

Glossy Box

Ringing in at $21 per month, this gorgeous gal comes with 5 luxury beauty products.

Downfall: No big negatives. You do accrue points from your reviews that you can put towards a free box, not products. But a whole box for free isn’t bad.

Perk: They use a lot of high end brands. In the box I received, it had a Butter nail polish in it which I know is worth $16 alone. So the deluxe size products you get are well worth the $21.



Birchbox is the Mark Zuckerberg of subscription boxes – they started the whole sha-bang. For $10 a month you get a variety of samples, some deluxe size and occasionally a full size. You can customize your box to a point (i.e.: you can tell them not to send you perfume samples anymore), but for the most part they go off of your beauty profile.

Downfall: I’ve been getting this beauty box for almost 2 years now. My biggest complaint is the number of packets I get.  You know those sample packets that you have no idea what to do with once you’ve opened it up and used a little bit, but you don’t want to throw it away because there’s more in there? Yeah. I don’t like that.

Perk: Their greatest asset is their points system. Every time you review a box, refer a friend, or purchase something from their online store you get points. Those points add up to dollars which can be applied to more product!


Julep Maven

Fellow nail color junkies? This one’s for you. For $25 a month (or $20 if you pay for a 3 month chunk) you get $40 worth of limited run nail colors and/or “innovative beauty products.”

Downfall: The only bad thing I’ve heard about them is their customer service isn’t the best. But that could just be one isolated experience.

Perk: You have a four day window every month to see what’s coming in your box and change it if you want. I think this is a HUGE perk because it ensures you always end up with something you like.



This little bad boy was created by YouTube sensation Michelle Phan. For $10 per month you get a bag with deluxe samples and lots of times a full size product.

Downfall: Currently they’re on a waiting list (so it must be pretty good). And while they do have a points system, it looks as if you can only put them towards an extra product in your box.

Perk: You get a bag every month. A little bag that can be used for SOOOOO many things (including gifts)!


Like I said, there are soo many boxes out there to choose from. All you really need to decide on is how much are you willing to pay, and how much can your Postman handle? For lots more info on these boxes and more, go to

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