Be the Buyer!

I realize when I write weeks like this one, that most of you are probably not going to run out find the nearest computer (because the one you’re on wouldn’t work some how…I don’t know) and hop on board the site I’ve featured.  Sometimes though, it’s fun to read about what’s out there and even know enough to bring it to a conversation making yourself sound well versed in the online fashion world.  Go ahead, do it, sound like you spend all day surfing the web for ways to make yourself more beautiful :)

Today, you get to be a little more well versed about a site called Modcloth.  On it you can buy clothing, but the feature I’m most interested in is the one where you get to be the buyer.

What, you’re thinking, aren’t we always the buyer? In this case I mean (and I’m getting to my point by having posed myself a question, yuck, I hate it when people do that)…
In this case I mean, you get to be the picker outer of their inventory!

It’s a neat concept, you get on their site and vote on different pieces and the vote determine whether those pieces will be sold or not.  It gives us all at least the illusion of more power, no?

Before you run off to the next computer to check it out, remember to tune in for more tomorrow!

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