A Benefit to Giving Thanks

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“Thank yur ladies and gentlemen.”

If you know that the above quote comes from You’ve Got Mail, then we’re going to remain friends.

There is so much we have to be thankful for. And I love writing this post every year because it forces me to stop and think about thankfulness.

My Pastor did a message this past Sunday on thankfulness and how it really brings God’s favor on your life. God will always love you no matter what, but when you’re thankful, He wants to bless you even more. I’ve seen that first hand with my own child – when he says thank you or is especially appreciative without any prompting, I want to buy him the WORLD.

It would make sense that it’s the same between us and God.

So let’s be thankful this week for all of our blessings! Even if your life isn’t where you think it should be, or your closet isn’t much bigger than a shoe box – we can be thankful that we have a God that loves us and placed us in a country that still recognizes the need to stop and give thanks.

Happy Thanksgibing Back everybody!

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