What to Wear This Weekend

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Saturday can be a tricky day to dress for.

It’s usually the most uncertain of all the days because it could include breakfast out, working out, shopping, cleaning, sports games…it’s a wide variety.

My two requirements for Saturday outfits are these: what I put on has to be comfortable enough for me to be-bop around town in. It also has to be attractive enough that I could walk into a nice restaurant/retail store or run into a friend I haven’t seen in years and not want to cover myself with a house plant.

Also, if I am going shopping I don’t want to wear something with 50 buttons or an intricate tie contraption in the back. I want to be able to try on clothes easily. Which is great because it rules out that 1800’s style gown I just can’t stop reaching for.

Last Thursday during the Indulge event at West Town Mall, Chico’s showed off some perfect Saturday outfits (see pic above). All three looks perfectly embody all the requirements of a Saturday.

My favorite is the blue top (far left). That open collar with the silver hardware on the draw strings wraps up cute and comfortable in a very chic package. You could easily wear that with yoga pants and nice tennis shoes, or black yoga pants and fancy flip flops.

I also love the open sweaters in the other two looks. The green swacket (it’s both a sweater and a jacket) is exactly what I wish was living in my closet on cooler Saturday mornings, and the coral striped sweater is just enough class to dress up a simple white tee. Both of which could easily be worn with boyfriend jeans, or colored pants like our models are showing off here.

A lot of these pieces come from their “Zenergy” line. To check out more looks from that, click here (there’s a striped jacket in there that’s SO CUTE).

These looks really showcase what it is we need to be looking for when we go out shopping for a Saturday or even ON a Saturday. Shopping for what to wear the next time I go shopping sounds like a great excuse to shop!

Side note: I just have to say what an absolute blast it was to commentate during the fashion segments we had that night. Coming up with descriptions for each outfit as they walked onto the platform stretched me in the funnest way possible! I can’t wait to do it again :)

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