3 of My {Current} Favorite Things

Well, hello Tuesday!

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A few things that have me looking and feeling more beautiful lately…

Favorite Hair Product:

Big Sexy Hair Spray. While this Dove hairspray really locks down my hair style so I can sleep on it, this hairspray really amps up my hair style so I can rock it. I had two events over the weekend that required fabulous hair, and this hair spray worked so well to keep my volume. Plus the name – I mean, did they nail what every woman wants out of a hair product or what?

Favorite Clothing Item:

If you don’t yet know what a Piko top is, hold onto your hat. These tops are comfortable and actually cute. They’re a better looking version of pajama jeans for your arms…yeah, that doesn’t quite click as a comparison. I’ll be talking more about these this morning on FOX 43 (tune in at 8:30 am!). Don’t worry, this isn’t the last you’ll hear of these amazing tops.

Favorite Feeling:

I haven’t done much shopping this year. Part of that is due to the fact that I don’t want to buy much before my baby bump comes, but a large portion of it is due to the fact that I’m really digging what’s in my closet. And what a great feeling that is! It’s so satisfying to come out of your favorite store, completely content with what you already own. It’s wildly satisfying and very budget friendly ;)

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