Four Steps to Daisy Duck Lashes


When I think long lashes, I’m immediately taken back to my childhood days of watching cartoons (maybe childhood/maybe more recently).

It’s in watching those that I learned, it’s always the long flutter of lashes that gets the boys. Just ask Daisy or Minnie!

There’s something about having extra long lushes lashes that takes your feminine whiles through the roof (or at least it feels that way). It’s why every other commercial on Lifetime is about achieving those trip-ably long lashes-every woman wants them!

So how do you amp up those bad boys to where you look like you dipped into Daisy Ducks mascara stash?

As I spoke about on today’s segment, one of the best options are false lashes. They’re great for taking your look up a thousand notches on those special occasions and can be very easy to apply.

Here are 4 simple steps to getting them on just right…

1. Make sure when you open the pack, that the lashes are the same length as your eyes. If not, trim them! Do this by measuring how much you need cut off, then snip them from the inside (the part that sits closest to your nose).

2. Wiggle them slightly. This will loosen the band and help it to conform better to your eyes. Remember you’re placing them on a curve so you want them loosened up to sit as close to either side as possible. Popping up on the ends is what your really trying to avoid.

3. After you’ve applied the glue it’s very very very important that you wait a full 15 seconds or so for the glue to set. Give the glue time to get a little tacky so the lashes aren’t sliding around your eyes once you’ve applied them. They’ll sit a lot better after this and set up very nicely in place.

4. If you need to hide the line some more, lightly apply some black eye shadow to the line of the lashes where they sit (which should be as close to your natural lash line as possible).

I hope this helps. Really, like I said in yesterday’s post, what it takes is practice practice practice. There was a time when I was applying fake lashes just because it was Tuesday, just so that I could better at it.

And if you still have more questions ask a Sephora rep-they’re super helpful!

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