Defining Trends

When it comes to bathing suit trends, we’re at the best possible place. Right now, anything goes.

And so ends the first and only time you’ll hear me care enough to write about what’s trendy…

The point is, if you’re more comfortable in a one piece, then so be it. There are plenty of chic options out there. In fact, if you’re trying to disguise your stomach or would like more of a waist, a fitted one piece is a good option.

A fitted one piece with a contrasting pattern that goes down the middle is the best option. The suit to the right is a great example of what would look good because there is a larger striped pattern down the middle as opposed to the sides where there’s a smaller one.

This type of suit not only gives you control giving you a great shape, but it gives the eye the illusion of you having a really defined waist.

When it comes to swim suits, I’ve found that the best possible fit for you is what you’re most comfortable in. So find something flattering and comfortable and have the best suited summer of all!

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