Why Read a Fashion Blog?

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Because cat videos don’t help you get dressed in the morning.

Someone once told me blogs are dead. I couldn’t hep but laugh because the information came from an almost 50 year-old-man. I can imagine blogs are quite dead in his world. But in the world of women interested in fashion, cooking or let’s just say living LIFE, blogs are very much alive. So alive, they’re spawning.

So why give your precious time to reading any of these blogs?

I think it’s a great topic to cover because I write a fashion blog so of course I want to convince you to read it. But also because I want you to recognize the value I’m bringing to your life. Or the value whomever you choose to most often read – brings to your life. But I bring the most value out of any blog ever so just remember that. No big deal.

Here are three reasons why you should read a fashion blog…

1. Advice from someone who carefully crafts what they wear will push your style and keep you on point.

Maybe your nightmare isn’t showing up to an event wearing something you don’t love. But that is literally mine. So I carefully plan and craft every outfit I put on. AND I LOVE IT. You may not love it. In fact, I’m hoping you don’t so you’ll keep coming back to read how.

But even if you love putting outfits together, reading fashion blogs will help push your style or even just help you solidify what it is you love about yourself.

Sometimes I’ll read a blog from someone whose style differs drastically from my own – each time I come away more grounded in my own style and happy to be who God created me to be.

2. Reading fashion blogs is like having a relationship with a well-informed girlfriend without all the back and forth of when and where to meet.

I love getting together with my friends. But honestly, with kids it’s hard for that to actually happen. I’d also greatly appreciate getting together with someone who is going to tell me that I don’t need to put all my summer clothes away because you can use them to layer in the winter and fall. Which is what I get out of a fashion blog – a coffee date with a well informed girlfriend whenever I want it.

3. Stay on trend, shop better and get the best deals – on your own terms.

Of course I don’t want to look dated. But I also don’t want to dip into every trend that comes across the Forever21 floor. Cold shoulder tops are a great example. I saw them coming on a fashion blog, decided I wasn’t into them and kept on moving. Most fashion bloggers (myself included) are reading big time blogs to see what trends are coming down the pipe. So if you’ll read what we write, you’ll get to see the trends coming too and from there decide if they fit into your style aesthetic.

Not only trends, but sales and stores too! Most of the time bloggers are crawling all over the internet looking for the best deals or are privy to sales before everyone else is – so basically by reading fashion blogs you’re saving yourself money and effort combing the internet for good stuff.

Let’s break it down – most blog posts are between 250-500 words, which will take you all of 90 seconds to read at most. If you read two or three in one sitting and let’s even throw in a couple rabbit trails of shopping – that’s about ten minutes worth of time you’ve just given to inspiring yourself and giving you an outfit idea that could eventually save you lots of time/money in the future.

Sounds pretty great, right!? What are you waiting for?! I’ve got plenty of posts for you to catch up on :)


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