What to Do When You’re in a Shopping Rut

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When “sale” doesn’t give you butterflies.

Let’s first talk about the reasons for this post… I’ve found myself in several conversations recently where we started lamenting the fact that there’s not just one store you can walk into that has everything you want.

That, combined with other conversations where I hear things like, “Oh I would never go in there,” or, “that store’s for _(insert either young or old) people__.” It got me to thinking…

What should we do when we’re in a shopping rut? Do things out of the ordinary.

Start by shopping where you normally wouldn’t (in that place that’s for a perceived older or younger crowd). This is going to either open our eyes to new things, help us discover a store we would have otherwise written off, and best case scenario it’s going to provide us with an item that will enliven our whole closet. Did I say best case scenario – I meant, dream world scenario ;)

Worst case? We’ll have burned time. Bright side? We didn’t spend money. And if we walk in with an open mind, we still may glean an idea or two of how to style an outfit. You never know.

Something else that can get you out of a shopping rut is to try things on you normally wouldn’t. I talked about that here when I ended up with a top that I was not looking for, but have already worn twice – all because I tried it on.

Go ahead, pull a thing or two and spend some time with them in the dressing room. And don’t just throw it on and say it doesn’t work. Stand there and style it. Do a mini runway! Have fun! Take selfies!

Again, worst case you burn some time. But you’re stirring those creative juices and you may walk out with an idea for how to wear something you already own. Best case? Honestly – my best case scenario is when I walk out more in love with what I own. I cherish the times I’ve walked in and out of stores finding nothing, but instead spending the whole time thinking of what I’ve already got in my closet.

That to me is not wasted time – that to me is the best time because it’s showing me that I don’t have to wonder “what’s out there?” or whether or not I’m missing something. Nothing is out there. I’m missing zilch.

So what do I do then? I walk into my closet, say “hello boys” and start shopping my own looks. Trying on outfits and forcing myself to use and wear things I may not have previously touched.

I save money, I use what I’ve got and I’m a happier person for it – oh wait – that’s right, I’m out of my shopping rut because I don’t feel the need to shop any more.

See what I did there?

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