4 Things to Avoid When Developing Your Style


I want to help you find your style. Because once you relax into the image you want to put out there, putting outfits together becomes a lot easier.

Style isn’t what’s trendy, it’s really how you put your own spin on things. You and I could wear the exact same pieces, but our attitude and how we style them can produce two completely different looks.

That’s why it’s important to hone in on your image and develop it (never stop developing it, actually).

Here are three things you need to stop doing in order to develop your style:

1. Don’t consider what other people like.

Quit basing your clothing decisions on what you think others are going to like, and start paying attention to what you like. Trust that little bell inside that goes off when you hold up something you know you really love.

2. Don’t let shopping become a chore.

Stop spreading yourself too thin when you shop, and start setting yourself up for success. Do that by going where there are great options in close proximity (West Town Mall); where caffeine, water and food is readily available (West Town Mall); and where you can always take a brain break and catch a movie (West Town Mall), all without having to move your car :)

3. Don’t let your style become stagnant.

Style is an ever changing thing (thank God for that, or we’d still be tripping over hoop skirts). Continue to search for inspiration and find someone to help give you new ideas on how to put things together (blogs help tremendously with that, and I happen to know a good one ;) Never think your style is complete because there’s always something out there you haven’t tried that you may absolutely love.

4. Don’t loose your confidence.

When you’re constantly wearing things you love, it shows. Even if it’s something as simple as a white t-shirt and jeans, if you love that look and know it’s “you”, you’ll walk confidently and ooze beauty (Jennifer Aniston is a great example of this. Also, I realize “ooze” and “beauty” is a weird word combination).

Style is a powerful thing, I’d like to continue helping you find yours. Follow me on Instagram @thespiffblog

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