Let Me Help You Shop

Shopping for home decor makes me feel like I’m wandering around in a foreign country. I feel lost, very unsure and have to use lots and lost of visuals to understand whether I want something or not.

If you ever see me in Hobby Lobby with my merchandise sprawled out on the floor, along with my confused body…just keep walking. I’ll get up figure it out in an hour or so.

Maybe you feel this way about clothes shopping. Maybe instead of holding up a decorative vase and having a million questions pass through your head, maybe it’s a sweater or a skirt.

That, my friends, is where I can help. It’s like my bat signal. (True story: two girls I know were shopping once and had questions, even said out loud to each other they wish I was there…20 minutes later I showed up in the same store. Coincidence? Well, yes…but it makes me sound like a fashion caped crusader at least ;)

I understand that lost feeling, so let me help. I would LOVE to help!

That’s why this Saturday I’m going to be hanging out at The Limited in West Town Mall from 12-2:30pm. I’ll be there to answer questions, help you shop – mainly my purpose is to eradicate that confused look on your face (the same one I get when I’m in Hob Lob).

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In fact if you already own something but don’t know what to wear it with, bring it in! We can look around and give you ideas as to how to get some good use out of it. The Limited has such a great selection of clothing that’s equal parts classic and on trend. And they’ve started getting in some spring pieces that I can show you how to wear now AND later (which will really stretch your clothing budget).

One of my favorite things at The Limited is the jewelery. They’ve got gorgeous pieces that are high quality and affordable. So even if you just need help with accessories, come on in! Accessorizing and editing a look is one of my favorite things to do in life – seriously IN LIFE. :)

I hope I’ve gotten my point across – I want to help you look and feel good about your clothes, so come on by!

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