Taupe Boots

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rooftop boots up close

Ten years ago when I moved to Tennessee from the warm climate of Florida, my boot collection was pretty thin. And by thin I mean it was one pair.

I remember wearing them around one of my good guy friends who would make fun of me calling them, “Gene Simmons boots.” I didn’t know who Gene Simmons was back then, so I wasn’t sure how to take it. I ended up marrying that friend, so jokes on him for marrying the girl with the crazy boots.

Flash forward to today and I have quite the collection of boots.

Three pairs of black – flats, high heeled, and short.  One pair of gray flats and three pairs of UGGs (I know they often get a bad wrap, but they’re freakishly comfortable and warm so suck on that, nay-Sayers!). I thought I had a pretty well rounded collection, until I realized that I needed a boot that was in between the black and the gray so that I could wear gold accents and have a nice variety.

That’s when I started looking around at taupe boots. If the color taupe involved a pyramid scheme, I would have signed up a long time ago – I love the heck out of that color. It goes with so many things and can perfectly balance silver OR gold.

When I have a specific product in mind, I like to search for it on ShopStyle. That app is like having a personal shopper at your finger tips. And it’s how I found this great pair (they were a Christmas present, really but it helped me know what to ask for). I was also wanting boots that had a cuff at the bottom so I searched for “cuffed taupe boots” and wha-la! This fabulous pair by Fergalicious fits every requirement and has the perfect heel height.

Right now is a FANTASTIC time to buy boots because they’re on sale everywhere. Take inventory of what you have, and go out and score you a deal on some!

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