The 8 Items my Purse Can’t Live Without


My husband makes fun of me, because I’m very meticulous about new things.

When I got a new desk, I made sure to carefully go over everything that was going inside of it, even to the point where the desk sat there for days until I had the time to set things in it right.

The same is true with purses. When I get a new purse, everything going in it has to be new/clean and organized. It’s like having a brand new backpack with old pencils…no where near as fun!

Here are 8 items that always go in my bag (either clean or brand SPAKIN new!)

things for your purse

1. Cell Phone
The clean rule applies to phones. Can’t have a new phone in an old case! This cutie of a case came from J. Crew for a steal at $4! It’s the perfect leopard print and made of a rubbery material to protect what has become for us all, a right arm.

2. MAC Makeup
Even though I’ve converted my foundation purchases over to Bare Minerals, I still like MAC and like the security of knowing I have a compact close at hand for those times I have a facial emergency (and by that I mean, messy burger all over my face).

3. Pilot Acroball Pen
I keep all my favorite pens in my purse. Because it’s great to have them at a moments notice. But they do go in the zippered portion, just in case a pen is housed unclosed-no one will notice the marks.

4. Tide To Go
Two words: my husband.

5. Burt’s Bees
Pink Blossom Tinted Lip Balm: I don’t leave home without it., my lips wouldn’t stand for it.

6. Hand Sanitizer
This comes in handy not only when you’re sitting down to eat and realize you’ve touched every door handle and toilet seat east of the Mississippi (just kidding about the toilet seat), but it also comes in handy as a scent refresher. I can’t tell you how many times people have complimented how I smell after using one of these. And yes, that’s a pumpkin you see. Bath and Body’s fall line is out, and I was ready for fall yesterday.

7. Trident White
Gum is another good “scent refresher” *ifyaknowwhatimean. It’s also a great little hunger hold over-keeping me happy even without the calories of a Snickers ;)

8. Business Card Holder
This chic little holder was given to me as a gift. I love it in those moments when I’m in a meeting and asked for my card. It’s so empowering to pull one out of a good looking holder like thie one. I also love it for clutch purses. It holds my license and credit cards in a compact space which is exactly what I have in a clutch.

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