How to Dress Down a Lacey Skirt

lacey skirt

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lacey skirt

One day I may consider putting myself on a clothes buying freeze, just to see how far I can go with what’s in my closet.

There’s a special thrill that comes from creating new outfits out of pieces that have been hanging in your possession for a long time. In fact, I rarely wear anything I own the same way twice. I love to challenge myself and see how far I can stretch a piece.

This skirt is a great example of that. I’ve worn it now three different ways (admittedly I repeated one of those ways once). I absolutely love the edges and how it looks like it’s pretending to be a tulle skirt. This works just fine for me, because while in it I’m pretending the same thing.

I want to wear this girly/lacey/edgy number as many times as I can, so I thought about how to dress it down a bit. What better way to dress anything down than with a white t-shirt and jean jacket? Seriously, these two could have their own reality show. They’d show up to houses of unsuspecting cocktail dresses and sparkly skirts and hang out together, showing them all how to be a little more chill.

The key to pulling off the white shirt is to tuck it in only in the front. By having it hang out all over looked too sloppy, and tucked in all the way didn’t give the outfit quite the right shape. So I experimented with the front tuck and it was juuust right. Accessory wise I could have gone two ways…

I could have paired this with a bunch of necklaces and kept the laid back/rock and roll edge going, but I wanted to go with something that equaled the skirt in elegance. This statement necklace brings both elegance and edge to the table so it works just fine.

As it is with everything in style (and really life) balance is key. This black lace skirt is balanced by the laid back vibe of a t-shirt and jean jacket. Try the combination for yourself this summer!

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