Your New Favorite Tee

Every season I try to keep tabs on what it is I want to grab the most in my closet, or what I go to grab that isn’t there.

Each and every fall/winter go-round I’m wanting easy layering shirts like this one from GAP.


There’s a reason they call it the “favorite tee.” Because it’s comfortable, hugs you in all the right places, and is perfect for layering.

Even if you never wear it alone with the bed-head look and light wash jeans (like this gal) you’ll love having them around to wear under and over things like white button downs, puffy jackets and blazers (that would be over the white button down, and under the other two…just to clarify *winky face).

They’ve got a great range of neutrals, which makes it easy to stock up. And even if you have a shirt like this, but it’s v-neck go ahead and grab the crew neck version because it will come in handy. Trust me.

They make great colorful, comfy canvases for things like statement necklaces and scarves. You’ll see. Stock up at the GAP in West Town Mall today!

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