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summer dress

summer dress

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The glamorous part of this job is standing outside in a dress, eating  a popsicle for a picture.

The not so glamorous part is the night before when you’re up at one in the morning after a long day, preparing the next days blog while your husband sleeps soundly beside you. Thank God it’s only the fun stuff you get to see in pictures though, right?

I bought this high-low blue ombre dress last year at Target, and I thought the week of the Fourth is a perfect time for it to make it’s summer 2014 debut.

As a devoted fan of maxi dresses, it’s a little less often that I wear out anything shorter than my ankles. The only problem with those long ones is you have to hold them up when you walk or a least watch where you’re going when you’re maneuvering them in the grass. Cue the high-low dress.

With this you get the coverage of a maxi, without the threat of tripping over yourself. And by paring it with wedges, I’m a lot more comfortable in a less stable terrain.

That’s why if you have any picnics or outdoor gatherings that require a little more than shorts and a t-shirt this weekend, a high-low dress like this one would be perfect. Add a belt to it to break up the blue and to define your waist; then go with some simple necklaces or big hoops like I did, and party the day away completely cute and comfortable.

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