How to Know When to Hang it Up


There was that one summer I took tennis lessons.
That’s my answer to the question that sometimes comes up pertaining to what sports I was involved in as a child. I was a figure skater for three years, but I don’t always say that first because while that is a sport, it’s not your average one. It’s definitely not your average sport for a little girl growing up in Florida.

Which is why I shove tennis to the front of the line. My skills were pretty much non-existent, and remember that part about it being in Florida? Yeah, lessons were misrable. As was anything else that required you to be outside for any length of time in the summer.

The one great thing about it was I got to wear special “tennis clothes” and that made it all worth while. Even still, after that one summer of lessons (and that one horrendous tournament I refuse to talk about), I realized you’ve got to know when to hang it up.

The same goes for an organized closet (Oh, you like that? Smooth operator…)
Sometimes you’ve got to know when to hang something up or when to fold it. But how do you know? You keep reading.

First what’s meant to be hung:

  • Blouses: these are meant to be hung on good hangers. Not the wire kind, you want the blouse to keep it’s shape.
  • Heavey Sweaters: they keep their shape so you don’t have to worry about them, they’re tough.
  • Anything leather: pants, skirts, jackets. Hang them all up and don’t place them next to your sequence stuff so you don’t risk scratching.

Now, what’s meant to be folded:

  • T-shirts: this is a no brainer (except right now I’ve got certain ones hanging up…yeah forget that “no brainer” part) But truly you don’t need to give your Rainbow Bright t-shirt collection prime real estate in your closet-fold those ponies up.
  • Jeans: to save some room (and if you have an over abundance like me) fold yours, but do it retail-style in that the butt pockets are facing out, so that you may defrentiate the good butt-day jeans from the bad butt-day jeans.
  • Light weight sweaters: they’re of a more delecate nature so cater to their needs.
  • Anything with sequence or any kind of 3D extravagance.  You don’t want that scuffing up anyone else. (Lord knows you need those sweaters for the next Ugly Christmas Sweater Party) Fold those bad boys up!

Remember you clothes are an investment no matter their price.
Take care of them and you’ll look well taken care of!

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