Closet Cleanse: Day 3 {The 3 F’s}


I’ve never done a body cleanse, but I have gone without food for 36 hours, so I can imagine the crazy discomfort that’s involved.

Good news about a closet cleanse is, you can eat afterwards (or during if you’d like, but that might stain something). And the discomfort is only temporary.

On day 3 of the cleanse it’s time to take a closer look at that “Try again” pile.

But let’s make it fun! Invite a friend over (who has a good eye, and will be honest!) and try on everything in that pile. And I do mean everything!

You want to try it all on because you may have recently purchased something that you could pair it with, or your body may have changed since you last wore it, and it may look different (good or bad).

Once you try it on, run it through what I like to call: The 3 F’s

1. Does it Fit?
2. Does it Flatter?
3. Does it Flow?

Just because something fits your body, doesn’t mean it’s flattering. That’s why it’s good to have a second set of eyes when you’re doing this so they can tell you if it really looks good.

And even if something is flattering and fits, if it doesn’t flow with your current style aesthetic then you won’t wear it, so get it out.

In the event that a top is teetering on the fence with all three F’s, see what you can do to fix it. For example, is it a top that’s too long? Can you tuck it in a pencil skirt or pants? Figure out the problem and try to fix it.

For the final exam, if you’re still unsure of a piece even after all of that, wear it out on a Saturday. I do this because it’s easy to feel all bold about something in the low light of your bedroom at night. But once you break it out into the sun and in public-all bets are off. See how you feel running errands in it, where you may or may not run into someone you know! *Gasp*

It’s all about streamlining your clothes so that you can more easily (and happily) get dressed. Come back tomorrow for #thisweeksnails, then Friday for the final day of the closet cleanse!

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