How to Look Awesome at a Christmas Party

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Forget bright copper kettles, sequence is one of my favorite things.

Which is why I love getting dressed for holiday parties. It’s practically mandatory that you incorporate some kind of sparkle or shine! Ok, not “mandatory” but it’s certainly acceptable (ha, “mandatory sparkle”).

I understand that not everyone gets that thrilled feeling in their gut when it’s time to put together a party outfit, which is why I’m here! Let me help you. And if you’re reading this, that’s step one. Good job.

Step two? Balance. As is true with any outfit, balance is key. So if you’re doing a full on sequence top, balance it out with tweed pants. If you want to do sequence pants (they’re all the rage) pair them with a simple button down and a cozy sweater (my advice for that is to not wear those pants to a party where you’ll be sitting down a majority of the time – you want people to see you sparkle!)

Step three…Break out of your box a little bit and have fun! The time to take yourself too seriously is not when you’re going to an event that will feature a game called, “White Elephant.” Find something with a bit more pizzazz than you usually wear and rock the heck out of it! A Christmas party is the perfect place to do that! And if you spend a little bit more money on something sparkly, then wear it again New Year’s Eve.

Step four: Get yourself down to Ann Taylor in West Town Mall tonight so I can help you inspire/create/edit your holiday look! Remember that time I said I love getting dressed for Christmas parties? I’ll take some of that love and rub it off on you, if you’ll come on over tonight and hang with me. Anytime from 6-8pm I’ll be there completely ready to answer your questions and help guide you to your best Christmas party look yet!

Listen it’s possible to look gorgeous, age appropriate, office appropriate and Christmas-y all at the same time! Ann Taylor has an amazingly beautiful selection of clothes and jewelry that will really jazz up your look. And did I mention there will be a special discount tonight? I didn’t. Hey, THERE WILL BE A SPECIAL DISCOUNT. So you basically get a personal stylist, save some money, and will snatch the breath of everyone who looks at you as you walk in the door to your office Christmas party. THAT sounds like a Merry little Christmas.

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