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It’s no wonder October is my favorite – it always kicks off with a fashion show!

Every year West Town Mall partners with Susan G. Komen to do a fashion show that features survivors of breast cancer. It’s a great way to celebrate the victory in these women’s lives and an especially fun way to get some fall fashion inspiration!

Over on Fox43 I’ll be talking about boots and booties, so I wanted to feature some looks from the show that also showcased some of the beautiful boots West Town Mall retails have to offer.

Pick up any of the pieces you see below at West Town Mall!

This sweet lady on the left has been in the fashion show as long as I’ve been emceeing it! She walked tonight with her daughter (pictured) and they are showcasing looks from Chico’s – who has the greatest collection of leopard EVERYTHING right now. I’m totally in for that!

I like how her daughter is showing off a monochromatic look with the brown boots, it helps make your legs look miles long!

chicos, west town mall chicos, west town mall fashion show, knoxville fashion, knoxville fashion blogger

This girl got her boots from Dillard’s and I almost dropped everything to run to the other end of the mall (in heels no less) to pick up a pair myself, they’re so cute! Her outfit is from Francesca’s (I mean – that jacket!!).

This is a great example of how to wear knee high boots and a short-ish skirt without looking unprofessional or inappropriate. She not only looks appropriate, she looks awesome! And that rose colored jacket would go so far in a closet full of florals and neutrals.

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How about these pretty girls!

They are showing off looks from Land’s End located inside Sears. Don’t you love how little girls can pull off so much more than big girls can? (And when I say “love” I mean… “aren’t you slightly jealous?” Cause I am!) These girls are rocking the multi-faceted pink look with neutral booties that just look good. And remember, when the booties are ankle length or higher you can tuck your pants in – otherwise roll them a bit so you’re showing some skin.

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This look from Buckle is one to copy.

I’m all about a good vest, and this one with the woolly texture is not only cozy, but adds great visual interest to the whole thing! And if you can’t decide on a gray boot or a brown one, this shoe (a little less gray in person) falls more in the taupe category which is the perfect compromise.

buckle, buckle in west town mall, west town mall fashion show, knoxville fashion, knoxville fashion blogger

Check out the segment from Living East Tennessee from last week where we got to talk about the fashion show and showcase some more beautiful fall looks!

Want some more fall inspiration? Oh sister, you’ve come to the right place.

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