You & Your Blocked Left Eye, are So Cool

If you wear glasses, I hope and pray that you have taken advantage of the, “dramatic removal of the glasses” move whilst trying to make a point.

It’s powerful. And definitely no where near as effective when you try it with lightly tinted pink shades.

Another good move is the, “I’ve got all this cool hair in my eye and now I’ve got to get it out by swooping my head in a fast motion, or using my hands to sweep it away” move. Yeah. That’s a classic.

It signals to your audience that you’ve got such fluid hair and cool cut and bangs and they are starting to make things you see out of your left eye more and more unclear.

If you mostly use your hand to translate this body language then chances are your bangs will get oily fast. What I think is a perfect solution to this dilemma is dry shampoo.  Your bangs will be in need of a shampoo a lot faster then the rest of your head (and in my experience freshly washed bangs are the hardest to control).  You can solve this problem by sprinkling in the miraculous powder (preferably overnight if your hair is dark that way you don’t look like you’re trying to play an old woman in a skit) and be on your way.

The dry shampoo gives you that perfect world of obedient AND clean bangs.  It’s a state of being that, if you’re new to the bang community, you’ll soon discover you are constantly trying to achieve.

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