The Big Conceal

When it came to playing Hide and Go Seek as a kid, I was always more into the “hide” part, which, as a woman, has translated to owning a lot of concealer and a concealer brush. If you were more of a “seeker” and always forget to buy concealer, Carmindy has a tip for you…Dip your concealer brush in the foundation that has accumulated inside the cap of your foundation and use that to dab on the spots you want hidden.  She says that foundation is heavier then the rest of the bottle and will help to hide quickly.
At the very least, people, buy a concealer brush, I know it’s cheaper to use your fingers, but it’s less oily to use the brush.
5 Minute Face: The Quick and Easy Makeup Guide for Every Woman. By Carmindy

Published by: Harper, NY, 2007

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