Take Cover!

Cover up’s aren’t just for that space between the pool and your car anymore.
Think about reworking them into your summer wardrobe!

What’s nice about them is they’re usually made out of a light-weight material, which means that pairing them with a tank top and sporting them with some shorts will keep you all kinds of cool.

Another thought is to take one that is long, like a tunic, and pair it with a belt and some slim cut jeans.

One of my favorite ways to rework a cover up is to take a maxi dress and shimmy it down to your waist giving you a long skirt to top off with a shirt tied on the side or a shirt with a belt. This gets you so much more mileage out of your maxi dress purchase and keeps you cute for a spur of the moment shopping trip on your way back from the pool.

It’s all about reworking things. Don’t pass up the cover up section just because you think your old t-shirt and cut offs will work, look for something cute and then work towards really getting your money’s worth from it!

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