Spiff Splash!

Time for a hodge podge of sparkly bathing suit goodness!
(geeze I really heighten the expectations with those lines, don’t I)

Ok two more things to think about when shopping for a suit with your figure…

Skirts-don’t discount them if you’re a pair shape. If you get one that is the right length (meaning not too long-no librarians at the pool please) it can do wonders for your bum. Victoria Secret has a nice option with a fabric called, “Miratex” that helps smooth your shape without adding bulk. They refer to it as a “figure-shaping fabric.” If you opt for this they recommend that you buy a size larger then normal to fully enjoy the benefits of the fabric. (There are also styles available in this fabric that would flatter other shapes).

Also, if you have really long legs it looks best if you get bottoms that tie at the hips.

If after all this you are still stumped by what suit to get, think about your lingerie. There are all kinds of swimsuit styles out there so look for the kind that mimics the lingerie you feel the best in.

Remember if you like your swimsuit and you feel good in it then you’ll carry yourself with more confidence, giving you a better look all around.

Have a spectacular weekend!

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