Shop Swim Suit Sales

Like I said yesterday, the fashion world is gearing up for fall (and we wonder why time feels like its flying) but this is good news for the real people in the world because that means bathing suits are on sale!

Victoria Secret just completed their Semi-Annual sale and now have a lot of their suits on CLEARANCE (only the best word EVER). Now is most assuredly the time to shop for a bathing suit.

You might have to dig a little to find the size you need but that just makes the find and purchase all the more sweater, doesn’t it?

J Crew is another good place to find swimwear and right now not only is their stuff on clearance but it’s on a discounted price on top of THAT. So stalk. up.

Really, even if you don’t get a chance to wear the suit much this season think about how pleased you’ll be with yourself when you pull out a brand new suit next year that you got half off!

Come back for some more spiff tomorrow-it’s all about cover ups!

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