It Pays

To save your receipt…

Bought a pair of beautiful shoes two weeks ago at Target. I fell in love with them a month ago, and waiting as patiently for them to go on sale (as they often quickly do) but they never did, at least not quick enough for me :)

If I wore something like a 7 or 8 I would have waited longer, as those sizes are ALWAYS around, but a size 10? Yeah you’ve got to pounce on that while it’s available.

I went and got them and kept my receipt and one eye on the Sunday paper to see if they would go on sale because Target’s policy is if it goes on sale (sale not clearance) within two weeks then you can take in your receipt and get a price adjustment.

Sure enough this Sunday I hit the jack pot-the shoes went on sale for $10 cheaper then what I paid. Score!
Had my receipt, got my ten bucks, I am one happy camper :)

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